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Does Your Pool Need a Check-up?


Is your pool healthy and free from bacteria, algae, and other microorganisms?  Are you sure your family is safe? Holt Commercial Pool and Fitness can provide all the necessary services to make sure your pool stays clear and blue at an affordable price.

All pools can appear clean from just looking at it, but honestly, your pool can have algae, bacteria and other unwanted contaminants  surviving in your pool.  These things can be unhealthy for not only your pool, but for your family, too. It is important to make sure that the company taking care of your pool has been educated in proper maintenance. We are not just some unlicensed, new-to-the-game-guy in a pickup with a net, brush, pole, and a cool logo. We are are a licensed, bonded and insured Oregon contractor (ccb# 192472) and an Oregon Certified Pool Technician (OL12135413834). We have been in business and in the field for over ten years with over 35 years of combined experience.

We offer the following service plans:

  • Complete Pool and Spa

  • Spa Only

  • One Time Service

  • Repairs and Emergency Repairs

Our typical Complete Pool and Spa Service includes:

  • Skim swimming pool surface.

  • Vacuum the bottom of the pool.

  • Brush pool tiles to prevent mold  and calcium buildup.

  • Brush pool walls and the bottom of your swimming pool. 

  • Clean skimmer baskets on each visit.

  • We do a through inspection of main drain covers.

  • Clean the line and the suction head on auto-cleaners.

  • Clean the pump basket.

  • Check pumps and pipes for possible leaks.

  • Inspect pump motor.

  • We clean filter cartridge (as needed or requested).

  • Inspect filter gauges to analyze the inlet and outlet pressure.

  • Chemical analysis.

  • Balance chemicals as needed.

  • Check heater functionality as requested. 

We also offer a myriad of chemicals to our clients at competitive rates – we match the local stores and deliver free on our regular service day. We have a warehouse centrally located in West Eugene. We are not a retail store and we will never try to sell you something you do not need. If your system works - why fix it? If it doesn't work; we can!

As a contractor we can provide you with all the repairs you might encounter - tile repairs, concrete repairs, coping repairs and plaster repairs. As a highly regarded service provider in the area we have working relationships with other pool companies, plastering services, electricians, tile contractors, landscapers, and cement companies. If we can’t do it – we know someone who can. Why hire just a cleaning company when you can hire the “whole-meal-deal.” Let us care for one of your most expensive investments! You won’t be disappointed.

Initial Consultation is Free!
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